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... every garden is, first of all, the learning of time, of time that is like rain, wind and the sun and of time that passes, the cycle of the seasons ...
Erik Orsenna

Discover the most beautiful gardens in Italy with SHG, an authentic, unique and unforgettable experience through some of the most famous places in our area.

From each of the SHG group hotels, you can visit these beautiful gardens, book your visit in advance or ask our concierge how to get there. You will spend an unforgettable day.

Parco Pallavicino

Pallavicino Park

The park covers an area of ​​about 18 hectares where flowery avenues alternate with lawns, large old trees and a lovely flower garden in spring and summer.

Villa Pallavicino was born as a private residence in 1855, when it was acquired by Ruggero Bonghi, a statesman and man of letters. In 1862 it passed to the Genoese noble family Pallavicino who enlarged the estate, transforming it into a nineteenth-century neoclassical villa, and in 1956 the Pallavicino family decided to transform the garden into a wildlife museum open to the public.

The great wonder of this park are the trees: the centuries-old chestnuts and lyriodendrons, among the oldest in Italy, the red beech trees , the maples , the larici , the ginko biloba , the sequoie , the magnolias and the grandiose hasro of Lebanon , located in the natural amphitheater in front of the villa. Hours and Prices


Giardino barocco all'italiana

The Italian-style baroque garden

The garden of Isola Bella is a paradise where statues and architectural decorations alternate with botanical geometries and preciousness. The trusted gardeners prune, fertilize, experiment, preserving this enchanting place from the passing of time. At the gates of the garden, a large camphor tree has been welcoming visitors for almost two hundred years, who cross the great gate and find the splendor of the amphitheater that scenically occupies the central part of the island. The Italian-style baroque garden develops on parterres and terraces set at different heights and alternates statues, obelisks, staircases and stone balustrades that create a scenographic installation designed to symbolize the power of the noble family.
Even today, visitors can walk the garden paths up to the top of the largest terrace, a true command post of the island from which to admire the expanse of the lake and the charm of this garden forged by man. Hours and Prices


Parco botanico all'inglese

Isola Madre
The English botanical park

In 1500 the island was redeemed by the Curia of Novara Just two years later the transformation works began which led to the largest of the Borromeo Gulf islands becoming first an orchard, then an olive grove and finally a citrus grove. Today the island of the Madre Island is a unique botanical garden for the rare and original plant essences of every part of the world preserved here. This English park offers shady alleys where you can walk and beautiful telescopes towards the lake where you can admire the view; among the green slopes the botanist is offered a wide subject of study and the tourist has continuous and exuberant blooms, fruit of the work of skilled hands.
Every moment of the year allows you to discover new blooms and hidden corners of the garden: from the magnolias to the bamboo groves, from the perfumed pergolas of wisteria to the espaliers of citrus fruits, from the parterres of ancient camellias to the pools overflowing with water lilies or lotus flowers . Hours and Prices


Villa Taranto

Garden of Villa Taranto (Pallanza)

Cocker Henry, landscape architect, later became one of the most famous landscape painters of the twentieth century who, in Italy, planned in the thirties, together with the Scottish captain Neil McEacharn, the vast landscape park of Villa Taranto in Pallanza (Lake Maggiore). Born in southern Scotland in 1884, McEacharn came from a wealthy Scottish noble family, which allowed him to devote himself full time to the great passions of his life: botany, gardening and travel. Trusting in the beauty of the place, in the mildness of the climate and in incredible terracing and excavation works along Punta della Castagnola, the Captain was able to combine aesthetic and botanical needs.
He acquired other adjacent lands and in the 16 hectares of the property he created woods, borders and valleys of shrubs, flower beds, parterres, lawns, ponds, greenhouses and planted plants from all over the world, forming collections of great scientific value that now they have 8,500 different species and varieties. Hours and Prices


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